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Fire-Resistant Landscaping in North CarolinaAdobe Reader

Be Firewise Around Your Home Adobe Reader
A homeowner's guide for protecting your property from wildfire. From the national Firewise Communities/USA Program.

Communities Compatible with Nature  Adobe Reader

Fire in the South 2 Adobe Reader
This report is a follow up to Fire in the South 1, a comprehensive review of fire in the South describing cultural uses, landscape characteristics, and the associated impact of fire on the forest economy. Fire in the South 1 is the starting baseline for the SWRA project.

Is Your Home Protected from Wildfire Disaster? A Homeowner's Guide to Wildfire Retrofit
The purpose of this document is to provide homeowners with guidance on ways to retrofit and build homes to reduce losses from wildfire damage. Adobe Reader

Firewise Landscaping & Construction Checklist Adobe Reader

Is Your Home Safe from a Wildfire? A Guide for Protecting Homes from Wildfire Adobe Reader
This publication is provided to help you (homeowners, firefighters and the general public) identify numerous activities that will help you co-exist more safely with wildfire.

Fire in the Wildland-Urban Interface: Reducing Wildfire Risk While Achieving Other Landscaping Goals Adobe Reader

Safer from the Start: A Guide to Firewise-friendly Developments Adobe Reader
For new developments and for residents of community associations, it's important to know how to design and build safely and to maintain wildfire safety in the long run. This guide addresses the interests of developers and people living in community associations at risk from wildfire.

Fire in the Wildland-Urban Interface: Selecting & Maintaining Firewise Plants for Landscaping Adobe Reader

Quick Guide to Firewise Shrubs Adobe Reader


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Wildfire Research Fact Sheets:

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